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Gillette’s Drafted: My Top 24 Predictions

SCORE MEDIA INC. - Gillette DRAFTED Returns with Brand New Look!

Hey Drafted guys and gals! Welcome to my own personal website where I can make all the crazy assumptions and predictions that I want! Just kidding….I do that anywhere.

After four city auditions and numerous online submissions, I have a sneaking suspicion that the Powers-That-Be over at The Score have picked their own Top 24 to go to Drafted boot camp in hopes of whittling it down to a final 6. Before they announce their own picks, I decided to put out my own predictions of who I think deserves a spot. When the true list comes out, I’ll be posting it too, just to see how close I was.

Luckily, thanks to 5 golden tickets that were given out, I’m guaranteed a score of at least 5/24.

The golden ticket winners were:

  • Luke Reynolds
  • Courtney Hutchings
  • Joe Aminzada
  • William Vaughan
  • Harrison Bourdon

Funny enough, when I was constructing this predictions list, I had Harrison on it before I remembered that he got a golden ticket. So, I think that gets me double imaginary points? I’m totally fine with everyone that received a golden ticket…..except *cough* GUMGATE! If you missed my Calgary recap, GumGate is Joe Aminzada who did his first audition in a tank top and while chewing gum. Even though he followed it up with a redo sans gum and with a shirt that had sleeves, I don’t forgive and forget so easily. I’ve got my eye on this guy and at the moment it’s twitching.


I’m so conflicted about my own choices. Don’t get me wrong, I think they’re all worthy candidates but I feel like I’m missing a lot of goodies. My list only includes submissions from the tour stops and NOT submitted videos…sorry but I didn’t even know where to start with those.

So here are my own personal Top 24 picks and predictions. Don’t judge me!

  1. Anthony Bruno (nailed his audition)
  2. Shari Leavitt (super comfortable in front of the camera)
  3. Jamike Njoku (just plain adorable)
  4. Mike Watson (the male version of The Face)
  5. Mia Gordon (her video has over 45,000 views)
  6. Henry Whitfield (eyebrows…but like talent too)
  7. Emily Jameson (glorious hair…but like talent too)
  8. David Hurley (fancy pants 2.0?)
  9. Alex MacKeigan (made Top 24 last year)
  10. Teddy Jenner (can’t put a finger on it…)
  11. Tyler Rowe (awesome scratchy voice)
  12. Gerard Overvoorde (majorly surprised at how great he was)
  13. Darryl Jeannis (could really kick ass)
  14. Drew Stremick (needs to get better but I like him!)
  15. Andrew Corry (great suit)
  16. Dorian Williams (with a little work, there could be something here)
  17. Justin Kelly (watch out Emily, he might steal hair products)
  18. Joseph Clayton (liked him right away)
  19. Blair Langille (pointed right into my soul)

I had a really hard time putting together this list. Here I was thinking that I wouldn’t like enough people to actually fill 19 spots when in reality I liked so many people that I had 50 names on my list needing a trim.

I tried to not only pick people I liked but also include people who did a great job and sounded like they knew what they were talking about.

It can’t all be left up to eyebrows and sweaters you guys! I mean, yes a few are here because I couldn’t say no to a good head of hair but I swear for the most part my intentions are pure.

The real list comes out in about 10 days and if I can figure out the technology, I might try to record a video of my reaction because I really don’t think I got very many right. I mean…3 girls?? What am I thinking?!

Tweet me or comment below to let me know just how bad I screwed up my list or if I chose correctly. And as always stay tuned for more!


PS Here’s a video I made with Drafted’s Matty Drappel and Jackie Redmond. Hopefully, it won’t be my last! 😉

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