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Welcome! This website is serving as an online portfolio for Bianca as well as a space where she can chat, review and talk about the going ons of the fashion and entertainment industry.

Bianca Teixeira is a writer who resides in Toronto. Her words have appeared in Thought Catalog, BlondeMag.caSharpMagazine.comThe Huffington Post, Toronto Standard, FASHION Magazine, FASHION Magazine Online, Fashion Television’s blog, The Kit, Fashionotes, eTalk bumpers, Miss-SLY.com and others. She writes mostly about style, beauty, entertainment, fitness, television recaps and media.

Bianca worked for three years in the industry at internships and contract jobs at outlets such as eTalk, Fashion Television, The Globe and Mail, FASHION Magazine and Toronto Standard.

In addition to contributing style-related essays for the HuffPost Style section, Bianca created the original column The Workout Diaries for HuffPost Living where she tests exciting and trendy workouts around the city.

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