Gillette Drafted Reaction Video: Top 24

Every so often when I write something specific about a real person, I sit back, reread it and go “Wow, that sounds really mean.” And then I hit submit/publish because I know that if I think about it too long, I’ll start to feel really bad and probably not go through with it. Making a video about real people and what I think of them was very similar except in the days it took to edit the video, I had so much more time to think about what I said and feel bad about it. I mean…obviously not too bad because I’m still letting you guys see it. But just know that I realize I’m not a good human and I’m fine with you thinking that too.

The powers-that-be over at The Score have chosen their Top 24 contestants who will go to Gillette Drafted boot camp and compete for a spot in the Top 6 who will actually appear on the reality show Drafted. I did my own Top 24 predictions a few weeks ago and am happy to say that our of 19 spots (5 were given golden tickets ahead of time) I got 6 names right. Out of hundreds of videos, that’s kind of impressive. Shut up.

Unsurprisingly, when I read through the names of who were chosen to go to boot camp, I was a little disagreeable about a few select people. Some of my favourite auditioners didn’t get chosen and that irked me. So much so that I felt it necessary to make a video about the five that I really thought didn’t deserve a spot. Either because of a particular incident (coughGUMGATEcough) or just because they seemed more nervous than other hopefuls.

The video (guest starring my roommate Marni and her anniversary balloons) is below. Feel free to make fun of the One Direction pillow that makes an appearance.

Head over to the Drafted facebook page (linked above) to vote for your favourite contestant.



2 thoughts on “Gillette Drafted Reaction Video: Top 24

  1. Hey, this is pretty good Bianca! Only suggestion would be to add their clips rather than the images. But knowing the amount of work that is… understand haha.

    Great job! I was entertained.

  2. Well said. As a person who auditioned I agree with everything you said. I was shocked by some of the top24 choices. 2 people auditioned twice. One guys audition was 4 minutes….thought it was supposed to be one minute. I also wonder if the trivia has any bearing on the selections at all. I will definitely be gunning for that #25 spot. Any suggestions on how to improve would be appreciated(I will not wear a hat this time…..but possibly face paint…kidding).

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