Costa Blanca Spring Shopping

Hey everyone! It’s been quite the spell since I last blogged, hasn’t it? Thanks to the fabulous Chris Howson over at Proud FM (where I’ve been a guest) I’ve decided I need to step up my blogging game and since there are so many things happening this week and in upcoming weeks (hooo boy) there’s no time like the present.

Like anyone else, I have a specific list of stores that I consistently shop at and can never just walk by without popping in. They range from the uber cheap (Forever 21 and my beloved $3 jewellery) to the ‘Aren’t-you-precious-thinking-you-afford-stuff’ Holt Renfrew.

I was recently given the opportunity by MacIntyre Communications to visit Costa Blanca at the Eaton’s Centre and experience the 180 degree spin they’ve taken to reinvent themselves from ‘Woodbridge club clothes’ to sophisticated, affordable day wear. With a new creative team that includes a photographer churning out glossy shots that look like a magazine editorial, the store seems completely brand new.

Armed with a publicist and a sales girl, I was released into the racks with the task of finding at least two outfits I’d wear on any given day. My dressing room choices were four times the allowed amount but I managed to sweet talk (aka sneak) extra pieces in with me.

Along with every other store, Costa Blanca has rolled out their spring stuff onto the floor which means I was a kid in the proverbial candy shop. Sheer shirts! Shift dresses! Maxi skirts! Peter Pan collars! Snakeskin flats! Try to find two outfits? It was more like ‘try not to work yourself into a fit and pass out under a rack of sheer sleeveless dresses’.

Costa Blanca - BIANCA V2In the end, I chose the two outfits you see up there. Click to see a better version OR go find it on Costa Blanca’s Facebook page. Even if you’re still judging the store based on what you’ve seen in the past, go over for a quick look at their new product. The photos that line the walls should be enough to pull you in.

Exhibit A: Everything I want in a spring suit…


And I just died.



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