Searching for the Perfect Boots?

Then pay attention.

Thanks to this gloriously long fall we’re having, I’ve been able to rock my new favourite boots from Flurries.

These sumptuous brown leather boots are knee high (sqee!) and have just enough buckles and zippers to keep me happy. Named Sadie, the boot if from Flurries’ fall and spring collection but I have a feeling I’ll be wearing them throughout the winter too. As long as there’s no snow to ruin them.

These Canadian creations are leather, made with the utmost quality and are actually comfy. I promise!

The Sadie also come in black but as someone whose closet is almost completely black, I jumped at the chance to finally own a pair of brown riding boots. While it’s true that I have a bit of a shoe addiction, it’s also very true that my feet are fickle and hate being encased in shoes. They like to revolt by making blisters or erupting in cuts. These boots? Not. One. Complaint.

Even though it doesn’t look like it, I swear I’m trying to buy shoes that not only look fabulous but are also practical. Okay those huge heels and too-small-but-were-on-sale ones don’t count. My Sadie Flurries score me a point on both levels. The soft brown shade and shiny texture are to die for and the comfort is actually present. Trust me. I tested them on a walk about around the city. No scabs, blisters or even heel pain.

Check out the entire fall/spring collection but be warned: everything appears as a must-have. In fact, I’m already eyeing my next Flurries conquest.



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