A Frocktail Party Plus an MMMxH&M Necklace

Last Wednesday, 401 Bay Street saw some serious action on its eighth floor when the 4th annual Frocktail Party took place.

In addition to notable guests like Suzanne Rogers, Stephen and Kirk from Greta Constantine, Tommy Ton, Jenna Bitove, Ainsley Kerr and John Muscat from Line Knitwear, the night itself was a huge success. Thanks to the 600+ guests who attended and supported the JDRF, over $55,000 was raised, nearly doubling last year’s event. In total from four years of Frocking, $150,000 has been raised in support of juvenile diabetes.

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The highest selling dress of the night (no surprise) was Suzanne Rogers’ Marchesa gown, a stunning dress encased in black tulle while an eLuxe donated Smythe blazer actually started a major bidding war.

The party was one to witness with two bars (vodka + pineapple juice…..mmmmmm), a swag hallway (which I was too late for! HMPH) and a hair styling section! Guests were shmoozing, boozing, and at one point even dancing! But my favourite moments were spent getting up close and personal (inappropriate touching) with gowns and accessories I wouldn’t otherwise have ever encountered.

Speaking of accessories, I just want to mention my necklace for a minute. The dog collar that literally dripped gems was picked up only minutes before I arrived at Frocktail from the Maison Martin Margiela event at H&M. I’m surprised I escaped with my hair intact much less with a piece of jewelry. It was pure pandemonium and personally I think H&M did a horrible job at executing it.

But on the bright side, it got me a piece of neckwear that was just perfect for the swankyness of Frocktail.

Special thanks to Lauren Green and David Han for this photos!



One thought on “A Frocktail Party Plus an MMMxH&M Necklace

  1. WhenJmetK says:

    This event looks like it was a huge success, I wish I had word about it earlier. The necklace looks fab on you!


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