Linda Lundström’s Leather

Last week I was invited to Rock It Promo’s headquarters to meet Linda Lundström to preview her newest line simply entitled ‘L’. Our interview started off with a bang when she complimented my Chloe comme Parris dress I paired with a polka dotted blazer. I loved her immediately.

One of the absolute best parts of the meet was how Lundström (possibly the most vibrant, dynamic woman -besides my mother- I’ve ever met) insisted on draping almost every one of her designs on me. This meant that the softest furs, leathers and pelts rested on my shoulders for a time.

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Lundström’s previous brand Linda Lundström Inc. was created in 1974 and became known for designing and dispensing uniquely Canadian clothing and building a legion of “Lundström Loyalists”. After selling the namesake brand in 2008 and taking a break from the industry, Lundström is back with a cozy, deliciously furry collection that had me wanting to bury myself in the corner under a pile of pelts.

The ‘L’ collection was inspired by Lundström’s daughter Mosha Lundström Halbert, Flare Magazine’s former fashion editor, in August of this year when she gifted her daughter a buttery soft shawl collar with the gold ‘L’ hand painted on the inside. Unsure of her reaction, Lundström couldn’t believe it when her daughter adored the piece….and all her friends asked for one of their own.

Using pelts and furs from coyotes, beavers and more, the line features versatile leather and fur accessories in a range of styles. Created by Lundström herself, each item is hand-crafted in Canada from unique pelts and skins, creating one-of-a-kind pieces. No scrap is thrown out either. Using leather pieces that would otherwise be thrown out, Lundström adores putting them to use. Holes, scratches and frays are among the special qualities that Lundström likes in her apparel. If any smaller scraps are left over, Lundström turns them into rings and cuffs.

Stunning and sumptuous the collection is available for purchase online HERE.

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2 thoughts on “Linda Lundström’s Leather

  1. NEVER! says:

    this is better than – and that’s coming from someone who wants to be suri cruise when I grow up.

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